Club Meetings

February 27, social time 6:00 pm. Program and business meeting at 6:30 pm                                                 How to Care For Indoor Plants and Greenify Your Space.                                                                                            In this You Tube video and coordinating handouts, you will learn how to make  your indoor plants thrive year round. You  will learn tips on how to choose the proper place for each plant according to it's lighting needs, how to create a portable kit of plant keeping supplies, how and when to repot plants, keeping roots healthy, fertilizers and when to use them, common pests and their remedies, and ways to propagate our plants.             Speaker: Rachel Aust, via You Tube.

March 26, social time 6:00pm.  Program and business meeting at 6:30 pm                                                      Critical For Gardening - Get the Dirt on Soil                                                                                                              This power point presentation gives information to 'grow' soil for a lush, beautiful garden. Do the plants in your garden reflect all the time, attention and hope that you invest in them. Four elements are necessary for healthy plants: light, water, air and soil.  No amount of pruning, relocating, fertilizing, or additional watering produces the same result as quality soil.                                                                                                                           Speaker:  Betsy Alexander, St. Louis Master Gardener 

April 23, social time 6:00pm, Program and business meeting at 6:30pm                                                          Plant America Garden Expo!                                                                                                                                            All members will be working on final plans and preparations for our year long group effort with three other garden clubs and MoGreen Future to bring the Expo to our county. In the hands on work shop portion of the meeting, we will make garden wands to sell at the Expo. Speakers: Barbara Stettner, Former Club President, Theresa Williams, club member.

May 28, social time 6:00 pm.  Program and business meeting at 6:30 pm                                                              Trash to Treasure Sculpture                                                                                                                                          Our year long collection of lids that would have otherwise wound up in a trash heap will finally pay off as we assemble our Trash to Treasure Sculpture.  Members will work in teams to sort and brainstorm the best designs for the sculpture in this hands-on workshop.

June 8, 10 am.  June meeting and member garden tour. Members meet at : Pioneer Pollinator Herb Garden Fort Zumwalt Park,  1000 Jessup Dr., O'Fallon. Touring service project: Pioneer Pollinators Herb Garden and five member gardens.  There will be picnic at last the garden visit. June 9, rain date

July 23, social time 6:00 pm. Program and business meeting at 6:30 pm.                                                 Garden Insects: Good and Bad Bugs in the Garden                                                                                                      In this zoom presentation, members will learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of all the insects in our gardens.  We will learn how to construct a bug hotel using recycled and repurposed items to encourage bugs to live there instead of on our vegetable plants and ornamentals. 

August 27, covered dish dinner begins at 6 pm.  Program and business meeting at 7 pm.  "Denim and Pearls" a Celebration of 30 years. We will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary in style, sporting our finest Denim and Pearls and enjoying a special covered dish dinner followed by the importance of rain gardens in conserving water, correcting water drainage problems in our yards and reducing run-off into our stream and sewer systems. Speaker: Sue Leahy, Outreach Coordinator for Wild Ones, St Louis.

September 24, social time 6:00pm. Program and business meeting at 6:30 pm. Program: from Nature To Art. In this lecture and hands on workshop, members will learn how to make natural inks from various plants and berries in their yard.  We will then use the inks to paint a picture. Speaker: Barb Stettner, former club president.  Also, bring: white elephant item with 3 clues. Funds raised from the auction will be donated to Great Rivers Greenway Foundation. 

October 22, social time 6:00 pm.  Program and business meeting at 6:30 pm.  Caring for Winter Blooming Houseplants and Annual State of the Club. In this panel discussion, members will learn the proper care of holiday plants such as amaryllis, Christmas cactus, orchids and poinsettias. Speakers: Susan R., Lana B,  and Susan G. 

December 7,  noon -  3:00 pm,  Weldon Spring Interpretative Center,  7295 MO-94, St Charles, MO 63394.  Holiday Party, Winter Wonderland Snowman Make and Take.   Each member will make several charming snowmen from recycled objects. Everyone brings a favorite dish.